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Photo by Joshua “North Face Tortilla” Leung Photo by Joshua “North Face Tortilla” Leung

Looking for information on when and how to register and apply for a long-distance permit? Click here.

It may be too early to get started on applying for a long-distance permit, but you can still work on planning for your trip on the PCT!

  • Check out our PCT specific Leave No Trace information. It’s up to all of us to take care of the trail and the surrounding landscape.  Following LNT practices is important for protecting the environment along the trail and ensuring that the PCT provides a wild experience for all hikers and horseback riders for years to come.
  • Learn about when to hike the PCT. This can help you eventually choose a start date or itinerary that meets your level of experience and ability. Many people who start too early or too late run into challenges beyond their skill level.
  • If you’re looking at this page, it might be because you’re interested in a thru-hike or thru-ride: traveling the entire PCT on foot or on horseback in one year. Most people think of thru-hikes as starting at the Mexican or Canadian border, but there are ways to thru-hike starting from other parts of the trail, too! Read about some alternative ways to experience the PCT . Even if your heart is set on a straight northbound or southbound thru, it’s possible that you won’t be able to get the permit you want, so it’s good to be aware of some other options.
  • We have lots of other information about long-distance hiking on the PCT. Check it out!
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