After applying for a Long-distance Permit

After applying for a Long-distance Permit #

You’ll receive an email within 24 hours confirming your application.

It can take up to three weeks for us to review permit applications. If your application has errors, it may be canceled, delayed, or denied. We review applications in the order that they were submitted.

You can check the status of your permit at any time by logging in using the button below. If the status is “approved” you can feel comfortable that the permit is yours.

Too many emails and phone calls checking on the status of permits will slow down the process for everyone, but if it has been more than three weeks since you submitted and the status in the management portal is still “pending”, feel free to get in touch.

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Making changes to your permit or permit application #

You can change most of your trip details up until your permit is issued three weeks before your start date.

If you’re starting at a trailhead with a quota, you are free to change your start date if there is space available. After your permit has been issued, all changes must be requested over the phone during normal business hours by calling 916-285-1846 or by email at [email protected]. Once a quota permit has been issued, changes to the start location and date are not possible.

If you received a permit during the first release, you can try to change it by logging in on the second release date and clicking the “Change” button at or after your appointment time. Everyone who is registered receives a random appointment time, regardless of whether they’re applying for a new permit or trying to change their date.

Printing your permit #

Three weeks before your start date, approved permits will be issued and available to print from the Permit Management Portal. You must print it out and carry a physical, paper permit with you on the trail.

You must print your permit before your start date. You won’t be able to print your permit after your start date has elapsed.

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